Tuesday, December 25, 2007

the Random Christmas Giveaway of Super Craziness

Although we had tried to coordinate a big group soup kitchen volunteering day, the soup kitchens were booked for volunteers for the holidays. Instead a few of us threw in some money and bought some sweaters from Value Village as well some clothes that had been donated directly to us. We took these downtown and handed them out to people whom we saw sleeping on the street or who looked like they needed a hand.

The Giveaway was an interesting day for everyone who came along on a number of different levels. Myself, I learned a little about the homeless, my friends and myself that day and I wouldn't trade the expereince of that day for the world.

After driving around handing clothes to whatever disadvantaged people we could find we realized that we would take far too long to hand them out at that rate. We had amassed a pretty impressive collection of donations and it seemed the rain had driven a lot of homeless people to hard to find places in search of shelter.

Passing by the Good Shepherd Shelter on Queen near Jarvis we found them serving dinner to people in need. With the permission of Father Ed we placed the clothes in an area that the shelter keeps where clothes is distributed to whoever might need them.

It was an amazing, powerful experience handing clothes out to those people. I helps keep one grounded as we celebrate the holidays, reminding us that not everyone is as fortunate as we are and it's better to give than to receive.