Thursday, November 22, 2007

Looking for Ideas

Since the Twin River Clean Up I have racked my brain for ideas for another group activity. The ideal activity would be one which can be done as a group, can be completed (or at least a significant contribution should be made) within a couple of hours, and which does not have any significant costs attached. That being said, I don't believe any activity such as this will have much merit without a certain element of sacrifice.

I have tabled the idea of a group blood donation day to several members privately and the response has been lukewarm. Anxieties seem centred around the invasiveness of a blood donation. Although members seem to be either opposed on these grounds or indifferent, no one has seemed very excited about the idea so I've shelved it for the time being.

Physical activities organized by large, corporate charities to raise funds has been a recurring theme in the group. These activities have generated a lot of positive feedback but they are sometimes exclusive in the sense that they often maintain minimum fund raising goals which make it difficult for some group members to participate. The Group to Make the World a Better Place is nothing if not inclusive regardless of economic status.

Although it may be difficult for some, if not all, Group members to overcome initial trepidation regarding the idea, I think that the popular movement known as "Free Hugs" would be an excellent use of Group time and energy. An idea like this is probably best promoted during the summer months, however, and will probably require a little convincing on my part.

With Christmas fast approaching, Food Banks will need a few extra pairs of hands to help out so that is always a possibility although the limit of ten volunteers at a time that I've seen on the web-site is a bit limiting.

Without any ideas standing out as extremely attractive off the bat I'll have to wait and see what materializes from further discussion with group members.


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